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ESOL - English to Speakers of Other Languages/ Title III Program
To learn a language is to have more windows from which to look at the world. (Chinese Proverb)
To learn a language is to have more windows from which to look at the world. (Chinese Proverb)


The Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5's ESOL services prepare students to be college and career ready by developing proficiency in the English language. ESOL services help students achieve academic success, develop critical thinking skills, and solve problems. More specifically, ESOL services:  

  • Develop English learners’ language proficiency (in reading, writing, speaking and listening) and communication skills
  • Create rigorous content-based curricula and resources to foster English learners’ collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Support English learners’ access to advanced academics or appropriate special services.
  • Provide learning environments that build on students’ diverse academic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Promote active participation of English learners and their families in the school community.



  • To meet the same academic standards in content area classes.
  • To meet the same attendance requirement. 
  • To meet state accountability requirements; participate in standardized assessments.


OCSD5 currently has ELLs from diverse language groups in all our schools.  


What services are provided under the ESOL Program?

1. Using the Home Language Survey, identify students who qualify for ESOL services.

2. Assess English language proficiency using the ACCESS test or the WIDA  SCREENER.

3. Implement the English Language Development Standards of WIDA.

4. Provide language development support and academic assistance to English learners.

5. Collaborate with mainstream teachers in the instruction of ESOL students; provide accommodations.

6. Push in or pull out instructional services.

7. Monitor academic performance of the students and provide the necessary assistance and instruction.

8. Ensure equitable, fair, culturally responsive and appropriate instructional strategies in the classroom.

9. Ensure participation and inclusion of ESOL students in school activities.

10. Serve as advocates for our students and their families.

578 Ellis Avenue | Orangeburg, SC 29115 | (803) 534-5454