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Welcome to the Race to the Top Grant Program

    Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five (OCSD5) received more than $3 million from the U.S. Department of Education to facilitate an Enterprise Learning initiative as part of a four-county consortium with Clarendon County School District Two, Richland County School District Two and the Williamsburg County School District. The consortium, known as the Carolina Consortium for Enterprise Learning, collaborated on the grant application that received a total award of nearly $25 million that will be distributed across the four school districts. The award was issued through a competitive grant program at the U.S. Department of Education called “Race to the Top”. The application submitted by OCSD5 and the Carolina Consortium for Enterprise Learning was one of only five awards made nationwide.

The four goals of the grant are as follows:

1. Students in CCEL schools will gain the academic, technological, and life skills necessary for success in college, careers, and citizenship.

2. Educators in CCEL schools will improve their skills to provide engaging and rigorous personalized standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessments that address each student’s needs and interests.

3. CCEL schools will provide supportive learning environments that are conducive to personalized and Enterprise Learning and instruction and that yield increased student, parent, and teacher satisfaction.

4. CCEL districts sustain Enterprise Learning and turn around schools by continuing CCEL collaboration, building and sustaining local and statewide partnerships, improving climate and culture, and embedding continuous improvement methodologies across all areas of operations.

    Whittaker Elementary School, Robert E. Howard Middle School, and Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School are the pilot schools selected to introduce the Enterprise Learning Model. The Enterprise Learning Model involves an individualized approach to learning that incorporates technology designed to expand the learning experiences of students beyond the four walls of the classroom. Each “Race to the Top” school is staffed with an Enterprise Learning Coach and Digital Resource Coach to oversee effective implementation of the Enterprise Learning Model. In addition, coaches are a support system assisting educators with professional development focusing on the implementation of Project Based Learning and technology in the classroom. This is an exciting time for OCSD5 and we are looking forward to continuing our vision of “Building a World-Class School System” for our students, parents, educators and community.

Shastity S. Harley
Executive Director of Grants
Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five
578 Ellis Avenue, Orangeburg, SC 29115
Phone: 803.533.7906
Fax: 803.533.7957

578 Ellis Avenue | Orangeburg, SC 29115 | (803) 534-5454